The Institute of Industrial Engineers is a professional Institute for practitioners who specialise in industrial engineering or related functions.  

The Institute therefore provides an opportunity for membership to those persons whose occupations are associated with industrial engineering, work study, organisation and methods, management services or productivity services, ergonomics, occupational health and safety, materials management, quality management, scheduling, and inventory control.

A candidate for admission to membership of the Institute is required to possess certain qualifications as defined in the Articles of Association.

IIE has similar membership grading and post-nominals to those of Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia offers membership discounts to dual members.

Personal membership consists of six grades of members:

AffiliatesCandidates for Affiliate membership are persons who are either actively involved or interested in Industrial Engineering but who do not possess either qualifications or experience for other grades of membership.
StudentsCandidates for Student membership are persons currently undertaking a course of study leading to Graduate membership.
GraduatesCandidates must have at least 4 years part time or equivalent full time study, appropriate associate diploma or technical certificate.
MembersCandidates must have at least 5 years Industrial Engineering-related experience since graduation.
FellowThis grade is awarded by the Federal Council to members who have practiced in Industrial Engineering for a significant period (such as 10 years) and are recommended by the Federal Membership and Grading Committee as having made an outstanding contribution to the profession of Industrial Engineering in Australia. Candidature is by invitation of the Federal Council.
Honorary MembersAwarded to Members or Fellows who have rendered outstanding service to the Institute of Industrial Engineers Australia. Candidature is by invitation of the Federal Council.


Fees (as at 1 July 2012; all fees are in Australian dollars and include GST)



Join now

We have moved to an online database, in which you are required to register online and apply for your membership. Apply online following the instructions below.

Click on this link, this will take you to the Technical Societies homepage of the EA Website, and will give you four options:

  1. Join a Technical Society
  2. Don’t have an EA ID?
  3. Existing Technical Society Member
  4. Apply for Corporate Technical Society membership

Before you can apply for membership, you will need to register for an EA ID and login by choosing “Register Now!” If you are a current member of Engineers Australia, you should be able to log on using those details.

Once you have received your login you will need to select, Join a Technical Society. This will take you to the login page, where you will need to select the “Join” option, which will take you to the page where you can select the Technical Society that you wish to join. In the first drop down menu, you need to select “Industrial Engineering Society“.

If you wish in support of your application,  you may also download the Personal Application Form and Brochure and mail it, together with attached Industrial Engineering Qualification and Employment details, to the Engineers Australia Technical Societies address. Download a Personal Application Form and Brochure