Tertiary training of Industrial Engineers in being delivered at the moment by two universities in Australia:

Curtin University, WA

Two Streams
1. BEng in Industrial and Systems Engineering
2. Optional further study – MSc in Industrial Engineering

Curtin’s undergraduate course gives students an opportunity to develop and apply engineering and mathematical knowledge to analyse, design, improve and optimise engineering, managerial, operational and physical systems.

The course focuses on selected areas of practical importance, comprising compulsory core taught units, which are:
– mechanical design
– dynamics and control
– manufacturing
– management
– operations research
– quality and statistics, and
– supply chain.

Responding faster to new developments and changes in industry is necessity. Therefore, the major offers elective taught units. The units provide students with choices of learning network optimization, machine learning, finite-element modelling, data security and planning and management.
The major also offers an internship and final-year research projects. They are designed for collaboration with local companies.
Students can work with school staff members and industry professionals to solve a range of problems arising in, for example, additive manufacturing, failure modes and effect analysis, hands-on elements (tradecraft awareness), contracting cascade, lifecycle costs and supply chain layers.

Further details are available on the website:

University of Melbourne, VIC

MSc in Manufacturing and Industrial Systems Engineering which is a 5 year degree